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Real People. Real Reach. Real Results.

Have real people in your target market post your ads on Instagram

No credit card required

Your ads need to stand out

Having real people post your ads on their social media accounts reduces the chance of your messages being ignored or glossed over.

Your ads need to reach real people

With REACHur your ads will be posted by real people in your target market, reaching their real followers that are in a similar demographic.

Your ads need to be efficient

You tell us your target market and the ads you want posted, we take care of the rest. 


Here's how it works..

Define your target market

You can be as specific as you like. We have users throughout the United States in all age ranges.

Send us the ads you'd like posted

You can use video, picture, or text ads. Just send them to us so we can pass them along to our users.


We send you a report detailing your campaign

Our users in your target market post your ads


The report includes detailed results of the campaign as well as background on our users who posted for you.

Our users post throughout the month. You can change your ads or your target market at any time.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is the expected reach of the campaigns?
    You can expect to reach about 1,000 targeted accounts per 5 REACHur posts.
  • Who are REACHur users?
    Our users are individuals who are active on social media and have active followings. We believe that the average social media user is more influential and provides a better return on investment than influencers with large followings.
  • Do your users create original content?
    No, our users post ads that you have already created. This allows you to capitlize on the reach and influence of our users, while keeping costs low and keeping the process simple.
  • How long does it take to start a campaign?
    Campaigns can be started within 24 hours. All you need to do is sign up for a free trial and we take it from there!
  • What is included in a campaign report?
    We will provide you with what was posted, who posted and how many people saw the posts. We also include total accounts reached through the campaign, the combined following of our users that posted and the Influencer Media Value (IMV) of the posts. IMV is a metric that compares the value of your REACHur campaign to a similarly priced Instagram campaign.
  • How do you make sure REACHurs leave the content up?
    REACHurs are paid once they send us screenshots of the total views on their stories. They must leave the stories up the full 24 hours to be paid.
  • How much are REACHurs paid per post?
    REACHurs are paid $5 per story.
  • What makes REACHur different than other advertising platforms?
    REACHur takes the best of direct Instagram ads and the best of influencer marketing. You are able to utilize the reach and influence of real Instagram users, while having the low cost and simplicity of direct Instagram ads.
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