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How Do I Get Paid Through REACHur?

REACHur is platform that pays social media users to post on behalf of local businesses. It really is that simple, post and get paid!

Local businesses will tell us who they want to post for them, for example, 18-24 year olds that live in Rocky Mount, NC. If you fit that criteria, a notification will be sent to you telling you what to post. Once we confirm that you posted what was required, the set fee will be put in your account.

You can withdraw money from your account through Venmo or Cashapp. Make sure to have your account fully set up on Venmo and Cashapp so you do not have to pay any fees.

You repeat this process over and over again and save your money for a trip, a night out or for those expensive textbooks!

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Make money anywhere by posting on social media through REACHur!

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