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How to Make Money on Social Media

With social media taking up so much of our lives now there are plenty of people making a living of their social feeds. According to Forbes, gaming influencer PewDiePie, has earned almost $90 million total and earns about $12 million per year.

While most people won't earn that much money on social media there are a few ways to earn some extra spending money.

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Making money through social media is easy using the right platforms.

1. Setting up affiliate links.

Affiliate marketing works by promoting a companies product on your social media page and every click you funnel to their site you earn money. It is easy to set up affiliate links but if you do not already have a large following it is hard to get the clicks and sales needed to make any significant money.

2. Sell your own informational products.

Creating your own informational products takes a little bit of work but if you are an expert in a field it can be very rewarding. The easiest way to sell an informational product is to create an ebook in an area you are knowledgeable. It may take a little bit of time to gain traction in this area and to create your products.

3. Become a REACHur

This is by far the easiest way to earn money on social media. Simply sign up for REACHur, input your demographics and match with a campaign. Once you match with a campaign, a company will ask you to either tweet, retweet, post on instagram or post an instagram story. Once you complete this action you will be paid through venmo, cash app or PayPal. Becoming a REACHur is simple and takes the least amount of work, simply post and get paid.

Making money on social media is possible and easy if you use the right platforms. Make the most out of your social following and take action today!


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