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How to Reach College Students

College students can be the most valuable target market for local businesses. College students are fairly easy to reach through social media but they are a little tougher to sell to. College students value opinions of friends and family more than advertisements and celebrities.

Social media is the way to go when targeting college students. Social media is engrained in the lives of the 18-24 age group and they get the majority of their information from these apps.

REACHur is a platform that connects local social media users to local business owners. Your local business can have individuals in your target market (18-24, in your area), post on their personal social media accounts about your business. These posts not only connect you directly to REACHur users but also to all of their followers. These "semi-organic" posts are the most effective for of influencer marketing for lcoal business.

REACHur is a cost effective way for local business to use influencer marketing and directly reach the college students in their area. To learn more go to or email

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College students are an extremely valuable market that can be influenced through REACHur.


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