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How to Reach More Customers

The key to acquiring new customers is to reach more customers. Traditional media advertising is dying while social media advertising is skyrocketing. Social media accounts on the three major platforms are necessary, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook.

One easy way to reach more customers is to put relevant hashtags at the end of your posts. These hashtags will increase your views and in turn increase your sales. On the same note as posting hashtags, putting a location for your posts is key too. This will put your post in the search for that location.

Another way to reach more customers is to post frequently. Posting frequently keeps your current customers engaged and reaches new customers all for free. Make sure all of your posts are high quality and not just continuously post advertisements.

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Using REACHur will put your business in front of more potential customers and create dedicated fans!

REACHur is a great way to reach new customers organically. REACHur connects your business with local social media users and has those users post on social media about your business. You can choose the demographics of who you want to post and their location. This is the only way to directly target your desired market on social media. To learn more go to


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