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The Bel Air Art Center: Case Study

Rocky Mount, NC is on the rise! The Bel Air Art Center is proof that this Eastern NC town is quickly becoming a cultural hub. The Bel Air Art Center is a unique place, nestled right in downtown Rocky Mount. They house a very diverse selection of art, from canvas paintings, to murals, to locally made goods and much more. The Bel Air Art Center also hosts a variety of different events.

To put it simply, when you are running a campaign for a place as cool as this, the works pretty much does itself.

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The Bel Air Art Center is a "one of a kind" place, especially in Eastern NC!

We decided that a 5 story campaign targeting 18-28 year olds in Rocky Mount, NC would be a great way to generate a buzz around the art center. Getting our users to post about The Bel Air Art Center was easy, due to the already "cool" nature of the business.

We reached a total of 1,481 highly targeted accounts, resulting in a $0.033 cost per view. (The industry average is $0.07-0.09)

We knew that a campaign for The Bel Air Art Center would be simple and effective, young people love new things and they love art, all they needed to do was see a friend post about the art center and that piqued their interest.

To see the Instagram stories posted by our users and view additional statistics, check out


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