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Utica Bakery: Case Study

Utica Bakery is a family owned bakery in Apex, NC with a massive following and there is one reason why. They are the best around. It is that simple. Everything they sell is fresh, authentic and taste absolutely amazing.

The best part about Utica is, the pictures of their food are just as good as the actual food.

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Utica Bakery is simply the best.

We had 5 of our users, 16-26 year-olds in Apex, NC and Holly Springs, NC post about Utica Bakery. The responses they got about Utica were overwhelming, everyone wanted to know how good the tomato pie was or where they could get those beautiful half moon cookies or if the butter cookies were really as authentic as they looked.

We reached 867 highly targeted accounts with these 5 posts, resulting in a stellar $0.058 cost per view.

We knew that Utica Bakery made high quality products and that once people saw pictures of their baked goods, the interest would spike. Being able to target so locally and organically was essential to reaching all of those highly targeted accounts. Remember, people listen to friends, not ads.

To view the stories that were posted for Utica Bakery by our users and see a few different statistics about the campaign click here


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