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3 Ways to Limit Facebook's Privacy Invasions

No one likes their privacy being invaded by Facebook/Instagram, but no one wants to delete their accounts. Social media has become almost essential in our lives and there is no need to get rid of it completely but minimizing the invasion of privacy is something everyone can do.

Here are 3 simple steps to follow to limit Facebook's privacy invasions.

Don't use Facebook to log in to other sites

Using your Facebook account to sign into other sites across the web leaves you more vulnerable to privacy invasions. Hackers infiltrated 50 million accounts to a data breach by Facebook in 2018. This left not only Facebook profiles in danger, but also all of the sites people used their Facebook accounts to log in to.

This also allows Facebook to monitor your activities on these sites even closer. To learn more about what Facebook tracks when you log in to other sites using your Facebook account, check out this article.

Don't Use the Like Button on Web Pages

If you feel the need to like a web page you come across, do not use the button directly on that page. Instead go to Facebook find the page and like it there.

This again goes back to Facebook being able to track your data from the site you used the like button on more closely. Not to mention liking pages in any way, gives more of your data to Facebook than is necessary.

Limit the personal information on your profile

This one should be a no brainer. Don't put too much personal information on your profile. Do not list your phone number, do not list your relationships, there is no need to give Facebook this data. To delete this information if you have already provided it, just go to your profile and click about, then edit info.

These are just 3 easy steps you can take to limit the amount of personal information you give to Facebook. You can also limit the pages you like on Facebook, limit the amount you post and limit the number of Friends/Followers you have.


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