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3 Ways to Reach a Specific Target Market on Instagram

Making your Instagram look professional, with useful information and high quality posts is great, but your posts need to be seen by the right people. There are about 1 billion users on Instagram, so it is important to narrow down your target market and decide who you want to see your posts.

1. Location Tags

Every piece of content you post to your Instagram should have a location tag. Your location tag should be specific as well. If you are trying to reach UMich students, your location tag should be University of Michigan, not Ann Arbor. Using different location tags for posts is an easy way to expand your reach in desired target markets.

2. REACHur

REACHur is a valuable resource for reaching a specific target market on Instagram. With REACHur you're able to have real people in your target market post your ads. REACHur is great for generating awareness with college students and young professionals.

3. Location Relevant Hashtags

Using hashtags to reach a specific target market is similar to using location tags. Location relevant hashtags should be specific to the target market you're trying to reach. Using the example from before, if you're trying to reach UMich students, you could use #UMich #UMich24 #GoBlue #UMsocial. These hashtags would all be useful for getting your content in front of the right people.


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