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3 Ways to Use REACHur and Atomic Influencers

REACHur is an app that connects local businesses with local social media users to help promote their business. This promotion can come in the form of a tweet, retweet, instagram post or instagram story. REACHur can be utilized in may different ways for local businesses but here are just a few.

1. Generate new business

Using REACHur to generate new business is simple. You first have to determine your target market, once you have determined your target market decide which social media outlet would be best to reach them. Finally, create a campaign, you can either add your own flare or have the atomic influencers put their spice on it. The flood of attractive social media posts will attract new people to try your business.

2. Improve your social media following

We all know that having an impressive social media feed is key to having a successful local business. Social media gives you credibility and helps you engage with customers. Using REACHur you can create a campaign and watch the followers roll in. The best way to do this is to have your atomic influencers either retweet one of your tweets or post on their instagram story with a link to your account. This will put your social media accounts in front of your target market in the most organic way possible.

3. Promote a deal

Think of a local bar that wants to attract college students for a slow Tuesday night. This bar creates a drink special for Tuesday nights but no one shows. Next Tuesday comes around and the bar decides to enlist the help of REACHur to get the deal out there. The bar creates a campaign that has atomic influencers that go to the local college post an instagram story for them. Not only has a notification been sent to the phones of every REACHur users that goes to the local college, but ten people post an instagram story, reaching all of their followers that also go to the college. This exposure is necessary for the new drink special to thrive.

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Use REACHur to alert the public of specials or events you are offering.


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