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$30 REACHur Campaign vs. $30 Facebook Campaign

We've talked about the things that make Facebook advertising a less ethical option than REACHur advertising and we've discussed why REACHur is more effective. Now we are showing case studies for each.

We ran a $30 campaign through Facebook/Instagram and a $30 REACHur campaign and compared the total reach. Now trust me, it was difficult to give money to this unethical, evil, deceptive company, but we thought this was the best way to prove the ineffectiveness of Facebook/Instagram advertising.

Before we get into the numbers let's go over what $30 gets you for each of these campaigns.

For $30 with Facebook, you get one of your ads shown on the News Feed of people in your target market. This ad is identified by the Sponsored location tag. There is not guarantee that the people who view this ad are real and not bots, bots account for 60% of all Facebook/Instagram traffic. The money also goes to one of the most scandal ridden companies in the world.

For $30 with REACHur, you get 3 stories posted from Facebook/Instagram users that are in your target market. The ad is identified by a #ad in the story. Because real users are posting your ad, their followers, who are also real, will see your ad. Your money also stay local with people in your target market, because these people are paid to post.

Now let's get to the specifics of these $30 campaigns that we ran.


As you can see we decided on an ad that was a little sarcastic. With our $30 we managed to reach 547 people, for a $0.055 cost per person reached. Not too bad, as long as these numbers are true. Remember all Facebook/Instagram ad insights are estimates. One former employee of Facebook even called the reach statistic a "PR stunt" and "fluff", so you never know what to trust.


With our REACHur campaign for $30, we reached 797 people for a $0.038 cost per person reached. Much better than the Facebook campaign, over 200 more people reached. Keep in mind, these ads through REACHur were posted by real people in the target market. This helps to build more trust and capture the attention of the target market. The stats were better and the money spent on the REACHur campaign stays local with people in the target market, rather than being sent to Facebook.

As you can see, REACHur campaigns are not only the more ethical option, they are also more effective. Stop contributing to the data stealing, stat forging, privacy invading evil empire that is Facebook. Remember, the people in your target market that post your ad are paid, helping to keep money local and boost the local economy.


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