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5 Reasons REACHur Ads are Better than Facebook Ads

If you haven't read our article about the troubling issues with Facebook ads, check it out here.

We've already determined that Facebook has some truly unethical practices when it comes to their data collection and businesses advertising with them. From forging statistics about their campaigns, to collecting intimate personal data from their users, there are plenty of reasons to avoid giving your money to Facebook.

REACHur is an alternative to Facebook advertising that allows businesses to run their ads through local people that fit their target markets profiles, rather than Facebook itself.

There are quite a few reasons REACHur ads are more effective and ethical, but here are the top 5.

1. Real Accounts

Since your ads will be displayed through posts by normal social media users in your target market, you won't be paying for fake accounts to see your ads. Up to 80% of the reach of Facebook campaigns can be fake accounts. With your ads being seen by more real people in your target market, you'll have a better chance at generating more customers.

2. Accurate Reporting

At REACHur, we tell you, who posted your ad and how many people they reached. We don't forge any of our numbers, we simply give you accurate details of how your campaign performed. Facebook has been known to forge the reach of their ad campaigns and report fake website clicks and sales. One Facebook ex-employee even claimed that Facebook reach in "fluff" and a "PR Stunt". With REACHur you get what you pay for, no fluff.

3. Less Expensive

When it comes to Cost Per View, REACHur ads are significantly cheaper than the average Facebook ad. This does not even take into consideration the plethora of fake views per Facebook campaign. REACHur's average cost per view is $0.03, while Facebook has an average of $0.06-$0.09. With REACHur you're paying less to reach more people, the more people you reach with an ad campaign, the more people you'll convert.

4. Eliminating Banner Blindness

Banner blindness is essentially when people ignore ads subconsciously, because they know where they are coming from. When they see a post say sponsored as the location, they automatically scroll right past. With REACHur ads, banner blindness is eliminated because the posts are coming from social media users themselves. Rather than saying sponsored as the location, there is a #sponsoredpost in the story. This causes users to view the ad rather than just flip right past. This again goes back to more people seeing your ad for less money.

5. Your Money is Going to Local People

Rather than wasting your advertising budget and giving it to Zuckerberg, you are investing your advertising budget in REACHur and your money is going to people in your target market. We give our users who post the ads cash for the ads they post. REACHur helps to keep more money in the local economy which helps to increase spending. Our users know they are paid by your business as well, which helps create goodwill between your business and your target market.

There are plenty of reasons REACHur is a better way to advertise on Facebook and Instagram. We believe that being socially responsible with your money and not supporting these corrupt monopolies is the most ethical and effective way to advertise your business.

Help to being down these evil corporations and support your local economy by having your advertising dollars end up in the hands of the local community and your target market.

Sign up for your trial today at and sign up to become a local influencer and get paid to post ads.


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