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Atomic Influencers

Atomic influencers are social media users that are paid to post for local businesses. Atomic influencers are the classification of influencers with the smallest following but they provide the biggest impact.

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Atomic influencers are normal social media users, there are no follower limits.

Using atomic influencers is most helpful for local restaurants, bars and retailers. While it may cost $25,000 to have a celebrity influencers post an instagram story for you, it could cost $25 to have 5 atomic influencers in your target market post a story for you.

Atomic influencers have more of an impact on their following than celebrities because of the personal relationships. Atomic influencers are normal social media users and know most of their followers personally, unlike celebrities. People trust their friends and family more than celebrities.

Atomic influencers can also be part of your target market. Using REACHur, a business will input their desired target market and REACHur will connect them with atomic influencers in that demographic.

To utilize atomic influencers for your business, or to become an atomic influencers sign up at


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