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What are Atomic Influencers?

Atomic Influencers are quietly becoming the next big thing in marketing. Atomic influencers are defined as, social media users, who's following is leveraged by local businesses. Atomic influencers are different than macro, micro and nano influencers for a few different reasons, most importantly is there are no follower limit. Social media users of any popularity can be atomic influencers as long as they have a voice.

Another unique factor of atomic influencers is they are only used to promote local business. Macro and micro influencers have a low impact on a high population, while atomic influencers have a high impact on a smaller population. Atomic influencers are more well suited for local bu

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Atomic influencers are well suited for local restaurants and bars.

siness and niche markets.

Lastly, atomic influencers are less expensive than other influencers. This allows companies to run campaigns with more influencers creating a guerrilla marketing effect.

Atomic influencing is a trend that all marketing firms and business owners will want to keep an eye on in the coming months and years.


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