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Benefits of REACHur for Business

REACHur is a platform that connects local business owners to local social media users. REACHurs pays these social media users to post on behalf of the local businesses. The local social media users demographics are chosen by the business. To sign up go to or email

With REACHur you pay per post or interactions, rather than paying per click on other advertising platforms. This ensure that you will meet your marketing goals every time and reach the amount of people you desire.

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Hitting your target market is easy with REACHur.

On REACHur you get to choose the target market you would like to interact with your business or post for your business. This ensures no lost marketing dollars on people who are not in your target market. This makes REACHur highly effective because the more targeted a marketing campaign is the more customers will be generated.

Lastly, REACHur allows you to set a budget. Once you set this budget that is the most you will be charged. For example, if you pay for 10 Instagram stories, REACHur will send a notification to all of the users in your chosen target market, if more than ten decide to post a story you will only be charged for 10.

To learn more about REACHur go to or email


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