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Benefits of REACHur for Social Media Users

REACHur is a platform that connects local social media users with local business and pays the local social media users to post on behalf of the businesses. REACHur is a simple process for social media users and is the only platform that pays directly for posting.

One benefit of REACHur is obviously the money. It never hurts to have some extra cash and REACHur can make that happen. You simply sign up, enter your demographics and once you match with a campaign you post and get paid.

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REACHur is an easy way to make some extra cash.

Another benefit of REACHur is you are able to get exclusive deals to local businesses. Local businesses will send deals for REACHurs to post about and you will be the first one to know about it.

Lastly, REACHur helps you build your social following. Thinking of becoming an influencer? REACHur is great start. You will build relationships with other "REACHurs" and connect with local businesses looking for influencers.

To learn more or to sign up go to or email


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