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Can Restaurants and Bars Use Influencers?

Influencer marketing is booming now and it seems like any company who isn't using influencers is behind. Celebrity influencers may seem like they are not viable for local restaurants and bars and that's because they are not. With the tight margins of most restaurants and bars, it is not sensible to pay $10,000 for an Instagram post. That's where atomic influencers come in.

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Celebrity influencers work for global brands but atomic influencers provide more value for local businesses.

Atomic influencers are local social media users that are paid to post on behalf of local businesses. Big brands use celebrities because their reach is worldwide, local restaurants and bars use atomic influencers because their reach is local.

Atomic influencers cost less than any other type of influencer but have the most impact. This is because these atomic influencers are just regular people. Suggestions about local restaurants and bars are best given by regular people in the community. Atomic influencers are low cost- high impact and also tend to become customers.

The best way to start using atomic influencers is through REACHur. REACHur connects local businesses to local atomic influencers and everything is taken care of through the REACHur platform. To learn more go to or @reachur on Instagram.


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