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Cost Effective Advertising Techniques

Advertising is so important to local businesses, with great advertising local businesses can build brand awareness and become a household name. Advertising can be very expensive and not effective if not done properly. We'll give you three different ways to advertise your local business cost efficiently.

Incentivizing your current customers base to refer new customers is a great way to reach more customers without having to shell out a fortune. You could offer your current customers a discount on their next purchase for referring a friend, or even offer them a commission. Whichever tactic you go with here make sure to show your current customers they are appreciated.

Promoting your local business organically through social media is a very cost effective way to advertise your local business. This means, following individuals in your target market, posting relevant content about your business and posting frequently. Using the social media platforms paid advertising is not a cost effective way to gain customers.

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Create more customers for your local business efficiently through REACHur.

REACHur is a platform that connects local businesses to local social media users. These social media users will post on their personal accounts about your local businesses. These "organic" posts are very effective for local retailers and restaurants. To learn more go to or email

These three techniques will go a long way for your local business when it comes to brand awareness, gaining new customers and creating repeat customers.


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