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Do Twitter and Instagram Ads Work?

Social media is now the center of the advertising world, from regular business accounts to influencers, everyone is trying to gain customers through social media. Businesses have even began using Twitter and Instagram's paid advertising.

Paid advertising though Twitter and Instagram allows businesses to promote one of their posts on to users timelines that do not follow them. These posts show up as sponsored and are different than the posts of people the user follows.

Ads through Instagram and Twitter are viewed as coming directly from the business. These ads can be annoying to users because they come from accounts they do not follow. Users may scroll right past a sponsored post without even reading it. Ads through these social platforms are also "pay per impression" not "pay per interaction".

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Posts from friends have more influence on people than posts from businesses.

REACHur is a platform that allows local businesses to advertise their business on Twitter and Instagram using local social media users. These local social media user post on behalf of local businesses. These ads are more effective because they are viewed as "word of mouth" and come from people who your target market follow. To learn more go to or email

Ads through social media sites can be effective but going through REACHur and using the power of the local social media user is more effective.


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