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Effective Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing can be confusing, especially for smaller, local businesses where the owner runs everything. For large corporations with huge marketing teams, it is easy to navigate the murky waters of influencer marketing, but the same is not said for local businesses.

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REACHur is the only way local businesses can be effective with influencer marketing.

REACHur is the only influencer marketing platform that caters to local business. REACHur connects local businesses to local social media users. These social media users will post on their personal accounts about your business. Your business can have local social media users in your specific demographic post about your business, this helps you reach every user of REACHur in your target market and their followers.

REACHur is the only option for influencer marketing when it comes to small business and is an easy way for a low cost high impact campaign. REACHur is perfect for promoting a deal, upcoming events or just showcasing your products. To learn more go to or email


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