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Essentials for Influencer Marketing

Follower counts are important when it comes to running influencer campaigns for large corporations and brands. But when it comes to trying to reach specific target markets and get the most bang for your buck, follower counts are not that big of a deal.

The goal of any influencer campaign is to reach as many people as you can who would become customers. You need to take into account engagement rates of your influencers. Influencers that have high follower counts but low engagement rates are a red flag. This usually means they have paid for followers to boost their account.

Another thing to take into consideration are the demographics of the influencer's following. It is essential to choose an influencer that has a similar following to your target market. This especially goes for geographic targeting for local businesses.

Local businesses need to use local influencers to reach their intended target market. Using a celebrity with a wide reach is not efficient for local businesses because you will be paying for followers that don't match your demographics. Having people in your area post for you is the most efficient way to use influencers.

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Local influencers are more efficient options for local businesses.

Finding local influencers can be more difficult. With REACHur you can have local influencer's post about your business monthly. You can even narrow down your local influencers based on their demographics. REACHur requires almost no effort on your part. Part of your subscription includes having REACHur create content for your local influencer campaigns.


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