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"Fyre" Sale on Influencers?

By now the great Fyre Festival debacle has taken the world by storm. With documentaries on the two largest streaming services and countless memes on social media, the Fyre Festival has become a hot button topic.

With this increase of popularity on the Fyre Festival, there has been a lot of negative backlash on the influencers that helped promote the underwhelming music festival. A few of the major influencers involved have been subpoenaed and are scheduled to appear in court.

This negative media attention on social media influencers has caused a public distrust of celebrity endorsement, but a spike in the popularity of influencer marketing. The public is beginning to wonder about the integrity of their beloved social media stars.

Businesses can take advantage of this situation by turning their attention to more trustworthy, local, atomic influencers. Atomic influencers are normal social media users with a dedicated following. Rather than paying a couple thousand dollars for a celebrity to post a product one time, businesses can now take a more cost effective approach through REACHur.

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Atomic influencers are a more effective, trustworthy version of celebrity influencers, and easier to work with.

REACHur is an app that connects local businesses with a group of atomic influencers that match their specified target market. The local businesses direct the group of atomic influencers to either tweet, retweet, post on instagram or post an instagram story. This leads to local social media being plastered with targeted advertisements. Everything takes place through REACHur, creating a campaign, tracking a campaign and eventually paying for the campaign.

With the beginning distrust of celebrity influencers, local businesses can turn to atomic influencers to promote their business and help create meaningful relationships with customers.


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