How Everyone Uses REACHur

REACHur is a platform that allows local social media users to become influencers. No, not celebrity influencers that get paid millions for a post but an atomic influencer that can earn extra money throughout the week, just by posting on social media.

1. Sign up on

This will enter you into our database and we will contact you shortly after signing in.

2. Match with a campaign

Once you enter a few demographics, you will match with campaigns that are targeting individuals like you.

3. Complete campaign action

You will then be asked to either, post an instagram story, post on instagram, tweet or retweet a tweet.

4. Get paid.

Once you complete the campaign action you will be paid for your efforts!

Becoming an influencer and earning money for your social following is now easier than ever with REACHur. Sign up for our beta testing now, there are limited spots available.

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