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How to Advertise a Sale

Sales are essential to all retail, restaurant, bar and local businesses. They help get more new customers in the door and build loyalty from current customers. Whether it be buy one get one free, $1 mug night or a holiday sale, getting the word out about the sale is necessary for the sale to work. Here are three ways to get the word out about your sale.

Posting on social media about the deal is the most simple way to advertise it. Make sure within this post you are putting relevant hashtags, tagging close locations and following users in your area. This will help get more eyes on your post and get more customers in the door.

Letting customers who are in the store know about upcoming deals is a great way to create repeat customers and attract more customers for your sale. Let them know the date of the sale and what will be on sale. To create an exclusivity factor, let people know the sale is only for a limited time.

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Sales are a great way to attract new customers and get rid of old inventory.

REACHur is a great way to get the news about a sale out to your target market. REACHur connects local businesses to local social media users. These local social media users post on their personal accounts about your business. This will help your sale reach every user of REACHur in your area and all of their social media followers.

Getting the word out about your sale and creating hype around the sale is essential to getting people in the door and maximizing your sale!


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