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How to Beat Your Competitors on Social Media

Social media is the great equalizer when it comes to marketing. It does not matter how much money you have or how popular your brand is, if you put out high quality content the following will come. Here are three simple tips to beat your competitors on social media.

Post Frequently

This is very important! Posting frequently ensures that your following stays engaged and knows what's going on. Your posts should not all beadvegrtisments either, the general rule to follow is one advertisement for every three posts. This will prove to your following that you are trying to connect with them and not just sell to them.

Post High Quality Content

This is true for captions, pictures and comments. Anything that goes on your social media or uses your companies name on social media needs to be high quality. Your posts should include high quality pictures with captions that engage the audience. When it comes to Instagram it does not matter if your caption is one word or a thousand words, just make sure you are conveying the message clearly.

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Pictures should be high quality and engaging, this draws people in to read your caption.


REACHur is an easy way to get a leg up on the competition. REACHur connects your business with local social media users, these users then post about your business on their personal accounts. REACHur helps to build your brand awareness, reach new customers and create repeat customers. REACHur is the most cost effective way to advertise on social media. Learn more at or @REACHur on Instagram.

These three methods are simple ways to improve your social media and beat out the competition.


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