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How to Connect with Local Social Media Users

Social media is great, but unless you are a global corporation you need to be able to connect locally and not just globally. This can be difficult on social media but there are few ways to help connect to local social media users.

Using relevant hashtags to your area is one way. Ending your posts with #Raleigh or #919 will put your picture in front of everyone who searches that hashtag. You can also search relevant hashtags and like and follow people who use it. This will put your account in front of those users.

Geotagging your posts and stories is another way to get your posts in front of more locals. This is important and you must take advantage of this on every post. This will help you get more followers and more likes, which builds your credibility and makes you more visible.

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Using REACHur will put your business in front of more potential customers and create dedicated fans!

REACHur is a platform that allows local business owners to have local social media users post about them on their personal social media accounts. Using REACHur helps you "organically" reach more individuals in your target market and convert at an effective rate. To sign up or learn more go to or email


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