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How to Get Paid for Social Media

With so much time spent on social media now it only makes sense that we should start getting paid for it. There are quite a few ways to get paid for your social media, we're just going to cover the simplest ones.

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Getting paid for your social media is really easy! Follow these three methods.

Becoming an atomic influencer is easy! Everyone knows about the celebrity influencers that get paid millions to post, but atomic influencers are lesser known. Atomic influencers are local social media users that get paid to post on behalf of local businesses. REACHur is the best platform out right now for atomic influencers. Go to to sign up.

Another great way to get paid for social media is to promote your own products. These products can be handmade or sourced form manufacturers overseas, they can even be an ebook. As long as you have a good enough following and good enough product leveraging your following should be easy.

Lastly, there are several new social media platforms that pay you per view on your post or per like. They do not have many users at them moment but being the an early adopter of these apps can you put you at a major advantage to leverage your following over everyone else.

There are plenty of ways to get paid through social media, your best bet is to try all three of these methods to maximize your earning potential.


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