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How to Promote Upcoming Events

Planning an event for your business is great way to create some buzz and get more people in the door. The only problem is people actually need to hear about your event. Social media is a great way to connect with local consumers about an upcoming event.

One effective way to promote your upcoming event is to collaborate with another local business. Have them post on their page about the event and this will bring their following to your event too. Of course, do not try to collaborate with a competitor, and make sure you have some value to bring to the table for their business as well.

Another great way to drum up some attention for an event is a high quality hype video. Show previews of everything that will be there, show yourself or your staff planning the event and let your audience know the mission of the event.

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REACHur is an effective way to connect with your local target market.

A simple way to connect with local social media users in your target market is REACHur. REACHur is a platform that pays local social media users to post on behalf of local businesses. You can have local social media users in your target market post about your upcoming event and reach all of their following. To learn more go to or email

When planning your event make sure you have a plan in place to market your event and let people know who, what, when, where and why.


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