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How to Reach a Target Market on Social Media

Reaching a specific target market on social media is pretty difficult. Social media is a global platform and assuming you run a local business you will be trying to reach local people. There are a few ways to help keep social media local though.

Use hashtags related to your area in your posts. This can include anything from #919eats to #raleigh or #NC. Anything that lets users know your area will help. These hashtags will put your post in front of more social media users in your area.

Another way to get your social media posts in front of more locals is tagging a close but popular location in your posts. Tagging a nearby close city will help or your shopping center, anywhere where people will search the location for pictures will help.

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Improve your local business by reaching your target market through REACHur.

REACHur is a platform that connects local social media users and local businesses. REACHur pays the local social media users to post on behalf of the local businesses. This is a great way to reach your local target market while keeping costs low. To learn more go to or email

Reaching your local target market is essential to local business, these three ways will help you connect on social media,


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