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How to Reach Millennials

Millennials can be a tough target to reach, especially for older business owners. Social media can be the key connection between your business and your millennial customer base. Utilizing social media effectively can improve your business exponentially. Here are three tips to help reach millennials.

Posting about current events and pop culture is essential to your social media connection with younger individuals. If new memes are popping up, find a way to make it relevant to your business and post it as soon as possible. Falling behind on trends will make your business seem less hip and put a damper on your social media "status".

Another key to reaching millennials is to post frequently. The younger generations have less of an attention span and forget about businesses quickly. Constantly keeping your business in the minds of your millennial target base is essential to converting social media users to customers. This content needs to be high quality as well though, posting bad content frequently is another way to lose social status for your company.

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REACHur is great way to connect with local millennials through social media.

Lastly, REACHur is a great way for businesses to connect with local social media users in the 15-29 demographic. REACHur is a platform that connects local business owners with local social media users. These local social media users post about your business on their personal social media accounts. REACHur is a great way for local businesses to participate and take advantage of influencer marketing. To learn more about REACHur go to or email

Using these three methods will help your business not only connect with millennials but also convert them to customers.


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