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Increase Conversion Rates

Increasing conversion rates on social media ads can be the key to getting more customers in the door. There is not an exact science to increasing conversion rates and optimizing sales, but these three tactics will help improve your social media ads.

You have to have high quality photos and videos within your ads. If your ads have dingy pictures that are not visually appealing, you will not get many clicks and sales. Providing relevant pictures and videos along with an enticing caption will improve your ads and in turn boost your conversion rates.

Make sure you are choosing the right target market to market to. With social media ads, targeting specific customers can be difficult, so keep your parameters broad. Choose the right age and the area that you need to be targeting.

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Using REACHur can help boost your conversion and rates, especially with the 18-35 demographic.

Using REACHur can boost your conversion rates exponentially. REACHur is a platform that connects small business with local social media users. REACHur will reward these local social media users for posting about your local business. Using this extremely targeted form of influencer marketing will improve your conversion rates and greatly impact brand awareness.

Using these three tactics will improve your conversion rates, make sure you update your social media feeds frequently and provide your customers with lots of information.


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