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Influencer Marketing for Local Advertising?

By now everyone knows what influencer marketing is. You pay a celebrity a million dollars and they post to their 2 million followers about your business.

That's one way to use influencer marketing, but it is probably not viable for most businesses. It can be too expensive and does not help you target the right market.

Now the million dollar question is, how can you use influencers to advertising locally and not break the bank. This is where local influencers come in. Local influencer marketing works the same way as other forms of marketing but works better for businesses that are not multi-national conglomerates.

Local influencers are people in a specific target market, that are normal social media users and are paid to post about local businesses. Local influencers do not have a ton of followers and they are easier to work with. There is no worrying about fake followers and fake engagements because local influencers are just normal social media users.

Let's say you own a pizza place in Raleigh, NC. If you are going to use influencer marketing, you need your influencers to be in Raleigh. No one is traveling from California to try your pizza, no matter how good it is.

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Using influencers to advertise locally is simple, use local influencers.

Chances are if you are using local influencers from Raleigh, then the majority of their followers are going to live in Raleigh. This means you are getting more bang for your buck.

Not only are you reaching more potential customers in your target market, but they have higher conversion rates than any other forms of marketing. Posts from local influencers are viewed as "word of mouth" which is widely considered the most effective way to gain new customers.

The best way to target a specific market with influencer is with local influencers. Having normal social media users in your target market will attract far more customers than having a celebrity post about your business.

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