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Influencer Marketing for Restaurants and Bars

Local restaurants and bars are constantly plagued with the task of competing with national and international chains. These chains have more money to spend on marketing, have more brand awareness and entire departments dedicated to their marketing. Lots of times, local restaurants and bars only have the owner to do their marketing.

So the question is how do these local joints compete?

While these giant chains are paying superstar athletes and celebrities to promote their businesses, local places should focus their campaigns by using atomic influencers. Atomic influencers are local social media users, they have less of a following than celebrities but have loyal followers. Atomic influencers following can be leveraged into a significant uptick in business using the right platforms.

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REACHur is an easy way to take your marketing to the next level and compete with national chains.

REACHur is a one stop shop for atomic influencer marketing. On REACHur, local restaurants and bars can enlist the services of a group of atomic influencers in their specific target market. This help can consist of either tweeting, retweeting, posting on instagram or posting an instagram story for your business.

For example, Joe's Bar creates a campaign where they want "Reachurs", REACHur's name for atomic influencers, age 21-24, that attend NC State to tweet about a special on drinks they are having. Our NC State "Reachurs" will get a notification asking them to tweet for Joe's Bar, once they complete the task they will be paid for their contributions.

REACHur is an easy way to compete with larger chains that have higher marketing budgets. Simply define your target market decide which type of campaign you want and watch the customers roll in.


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