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Influencer Marketing for Small Business

As discussed in a previous article, using macro influencers is a very expensive option for small businesses. But does the brand awareness uptick outweigh the costs?

Macro influencers tend to have a large following that are not as engaged, while micro influencers have less of a following but they are more engaged. According to, "retail and entertainment clients saw about 50 percent higher engagement using micro-influencers". The same article goes on to say, "Specifically, MediaHub reported that influencers with 1,000 fans drove 85 percent higher engagement “lift” than those with 100,000 followers".

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Local businesses should explore atomic influencers for high impact marketing.

It seems as if going smaller for small business makes sense. With such a higher engagement level from micro influencers, using atomic influencers makes sense for local restaurants and bars. Atomic influencers are social media users, who's loyal following is leveraged by local businesses. Atomic influencers allow local businesses to specifically target their market without wasting any crucial advertising dollars. Atomic influencers are cost efficient and highly effective, while creating a sense of community around local business.

If you're running a fortune 500 with global reach then macro or micro influencers are for you, but if you're like most of us and are running a local small business atomic influencers will work best.


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