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Influencer Posts or Sponsored Posts

Instagram is full of advertising from sponsored posts from businesses themselves to influencers posts discussing a businesses. The trend now has been moving towards influencers over sponsored. There are a few reasons but mostly because of higher engagements rates and higher quality content. Influencers can be hard to work with though. REACHur makes it easy to have multiple everyday influencers post for you at once.

Everyday influencers or atomic influencers are a better option for local businesses. Paying someone local to post for you with all of their followers being local too makes more sense than paying some global influencer thousands to post and they reach people not in your area.

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Atomic influencers provide higher engagement rates for less money and are easier to work with!

With REACHur you can connect directly with a group of atomic influencers and have them post for you instantly, all while paying one flat fee per post. REACHur simplifies influencer marketing and makes it more viable for local businesses.

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