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Is REACHur Right for Me?

REACHur is a platform that connects local business owners and local social media users to create impressive social media campaigns. As a result, local businesses get more exposure and targeted advertisements, while local social media users get paid for their contributions.

Social Media Users

Simply put if you use instagram or twitter and would like to be paid to post about local businesses than REACHur is the place for you. Once you sign up, REACHur will match you with campaigns that are in need of your demographic, once you post for them you get paid.

Local Business Owners

REACHur is the optimal way for local businesses to get into influencers marketing. Rather than paying some celebrity a million dollars to post you will be interacting with your specific target market and having them post for you. If you want to attract more college students to your bar, REACHur will notify every college student in your area on the app about your campaign. The college students in your area will then either post an instagram story, post on instagram, tweet or retweet, depending on which campaign you chose.

So if you are a local business owner looking to attract new customers than REACHur is right for you. If you are a social media user looking to get paid to post, then REACHur is right for you.

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REACHur is for anyone looking to get paid to post or any businesses looking to attract customers.


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