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Make Your Business Hip!

Everyone wants to have a cool, hip business. This helps bring in new customers , retain old customers and creates a great reputation for your business. Being cool can seem like a tough task for a business but these three steps will help.

Taking advantage of online trends is a huge key to being cool for your business. Post about current events and pop culture, take advantage of any big news events and always stay current. Using new memes is a great way to keep your finger on the pulse of the internet and your fans.

Engaging with your followers on your social media profiles in another great way to be cool. Comment on your followers posts, show them you appreciate them and that you like their content. This will trigger them to engage with your profile in return. Make sure to keep your comments short and relevant to their post, never try to sell something on another profiles post.

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Creating a cool and hip feel to your business is essential to connecting with new customers.

REACHur is an easy way to give your social media profile and business a cool reputation. REACHur is a platform that connects social media users to local businesses. Local social media users will post about your business to all of their followers. This will keep your business in the forefront of your target markets minds while improving your brand reputation and recognition. To learn more go to or email

These three ways are simple tactics for improving your brand's reputation and giving a cool vibe to your business.


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