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Marketing Madness

Marketing seems to be evolving everyday. Gone are the days of advertisements in magazines and newspapers. Influencer marketing is the new trend. Celebrity influencer marketing does not really work for local businesses. No one is going to take restaurant advice from a celebrity that has never eaten your food? That's where atomic influencers are more effective.

Atomic influencers are local social media users that post on behalf of your business. These local social media users are followed by family and friends that listen to their recommendations. Atomic influencers have a smaller following but a higher impact.

The best way to use atomic influencers is through REACHur. REACHur connects your local business with local social media users in your selected target market. This means you will reach an infinite amount of customers in your target market for a flat fee. Learn more today at

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Family and friends have more of an impact on decision making than celebrities.


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