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Moe and D's Restaurant Grill & Bar: Case Study

Moe and D's Restaurant Grill & Bar is a local spot nestled in beautiful downtown Rocky Mount, NC. It is always more enjoyable to work with businesses that have great products and great people and Moe and D's is no exception. They have great food at great prices with great service.

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Moe and D's is the place to be in Rocky Mount, NC!

You do not immediately think "college town" when you hear Rocky Mount, but with North Carolina Wesleyan just 5 minutes from downtown college students are a vital target market for any Rocky Mount businesses. In this situation, Moe and D's was looking to target North Carolina Wesleyan students for their Free Fish Friday special. After a quick discussion, we decided a campaign that included 5 Instagram stories from NC Wesleyan students would create a significant buzz for Moe and D's "Free Fish Friday".

We had 5 of our users post from the NC Wesleyan campus, we ended up reaching 1,420 targeted potential customers at a cost per view of $0.035. That is less than half of the industry average of $0.07-0.09!

This campaign showed the power that local influencers have over specific communities, people listen to friends, not ads. These college students saw their friends and classmates posting about a restaurant and wanted to know what all the hype was about, and there is no doubt that Moe and D's lives up to the hype!

To check out the stories our users posted and a few different stats from the campaign click here


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