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3 Reasons to Improve Your Social Media Today

Everyone needs a little push sometimes, hopefully this will be what you need to start improving your social media and your business today. Social media and business have almost become synonymous in today's society. If you are a b2c retailer then social media is a 100%, no excuses, must have for your business. If you are b2b social media is still extremely important and can add tons of value to your business.

1. Credibility

Social media is a crucial component in establishing the credibility of your business. Whether you like it or not, the more followers you have, the more likes you have and the more active you are on social media increases your credibility with consumers. Potential customers will automatically look you up on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook maybe even before they look up your website. Having an attractive profile will lead potential customers to navigate further down the sales funnel and make them more likely to become a customer.

2. Accessibility

Having social media profiles that are active and engaging gives potential customers another way to find you. Social media is just like search engines, if you are active and have engaging profiles, you will be at the top of the search results when people look for you. Being active and posting high quality content also gives you more opportunities to be included on the Discover page of Instagram. This is a page that compiles popular posts in certain areas and interests and shows them to people that you do not follow. This is a great way to be found by new customers and clients.

3. Building Relationships

Every business wants to have a good relationship with their customers. Social media is the easiest way to build these relationships. Make sure you are engaging with your customers on social media by liking their pictures, responding to any comments and answering direct messages.

These are just 3 reasons every company needs to improve their social media. Posts need to be high quality, engaging and you need to post frequently. Keeping your business in the front of your followers minds in an easy way to convert more customers and improve the overall image of your business.

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Your posts need to be visually appealing and have a caption that provides some sort of value to your followers.


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