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Reaching 18-24 Demographic

The 18-24 demographic is one of if not the most important demographic when it comes to business. Getting younger people to buy in to your business, creates lifelong customers and creates a cool, hip feeling around your business.

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Having young customers will help your company develop a cool, hip reputation.

Social media is THE way to reach younger customers. Social media serves as the younger generations news, their entertainment and how they communicate with friends. Creating an attractive social media page will help draw social media users to follow your page and create potential customers.

Influencer marketing through social media is another way to reach the younger generation. Traditional influencer marketing can become expensive and hard to figure out. Using atomic influencers keeps costs down while keeping engagement high. REACHur is the best way to take advantage of atomic influencers. REACHur connects local businesses with local social media users in your target market. These local social media users will post to their personal accounts about your business. To learn more go to or email


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