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REACHur Awareness Campaigns

REACHur is a platform that pays social media users to post on behalf of local businesses. This allows the local business to run cost effective social media campaigns while directly reaching their target market.

An Awareness Campaign by REACHur is a sample campaign that shows the different uses of REACHur and how it benefits your business.

For example, 2 "REACHurs" will post on Instagram about your business, 5 "REACHurs" will put up an Instagram story about your business and 15 "REACHurs" will follow your business and like your last ten posts. You will then be given a detailed report about the effect your campaign had, and the potential business you will bring in with certain conversion rates.

Awareness Campaigns are effective for marketing but campaigns need to be consistent to create the desired effect.

Sign up today for an Awareness Campaign at

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Awareness Campaigns help business owners understand the effect REACHur has on their business.


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