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REACHur Review: Appalachian Mountain Brewery Not an IPA

Sticking with the local beer theme we decided to try out Appalachian Mountain Brewery's Not an IPA (P.S.. It's an IPA).

Appalachian Mountain Brewery is based in Boone, NC and has strong ties to the community. Appalachian Mountain Brewery is involved in many philanthropic activities including a program called Pints for Non-Profits that gives of portion of every beer sold to a non-profit organization.

After reading through their website, we knew we had to give them a try.

They're not just a great company, they have great beer too. The Not an IPA (P.S. It's an IPA) was great! There was so much flavor and it was such an enjoyable drink. There was not too much kick and is definitely a beer that can be enjoyed at any time.

We can't wait to check out more of Appalachian Mountain Brewery's creations and keep up with this company that seems to be doing so much good for the community and the world.

We picked up the Not an IPA (P.S. It's an IPA) at Harris Teeter. To learn more about Appalachian Mountain Brewery check out or give them a follow @appalachianmountainbrewery.

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