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REACHur Team Review: Angry Angel Energy Drink


This has been something we have been wanting to try for a while now. The branding is terrific, we love the logo and we're suckers for healthy alternatives. Plus Angry Angel was born in Raleigh, NC just like REACHur!

Before even getting into our taste testing and how the energy drink made us feel, a few things really set Angry Angel apart ingredient-wise.

For starters, there are only 50 calories per can making it an easy energy boost without wasted calories. Next, Angry Angel is all naturally sweetened which sets it apart in an industry where ingredients you can't read are common. The most interesting aspect is the CoQ10. According to the can "CoQ10 antioxidant is naturally found in every cell of your body and is used to produce energy for healthy cell growth and repair." Another natural ingredient that helps Angry Angel differentiate itself from other energy drinks.

We tested both flavors, Tropical and Blackberry Lemon.


I tested out Angry Angel Tropical before I went to play basketball in the morning. Before playing, I'll usually drink 2 cups of coffee so this time i just traded the coffee for Angry Angel. The first thing I noticed was how natural it tasted. Every energy drink I've come across has tasted like it was going to burn a hole through my stomach, but not Angry Angel. The flavor was very unique and not too strong. Definitely an energy drink you can enjoy and not have to chug down!

While playing, I felt less jittery than usual. After my normal 2 cups of coffee I feel energized but a little shaky, Angry Angel provided a nice energy that was not over the top. I played for about an hour and a half and felt energized the entire time.

What really separates Angry Angel in my mind though is there's no crash. I didn't feel like I had to drink another after a couple of hours. I will definitely be drinking Angry Angel Tropical more often now, the taste was great and it gave me a nice controlled energy.

Blackberry Lemon

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I'll start off by saying no offense to the Tropical flavor, because I really did enjoy it but Blackberry Lemon is on a different level. Angry Angel Blackberry Lemon was so good that I would drink it even if there were no energizing effects. The flavor was perfect. Not too strong, refreshing and very natural tasting.

I tested Blackberry Lemon out before a run. I wanted to try Angry Angel out and see how it worked for a short burst of exercise as compared to one and a half hours of basketball.

I drank the Blackberry Lemon about 15 minutes before my run and it really helped push me through. There was not much difference in how Blackberry Lemon made me feel and how Tropical made me feel. After the run I was still feeling it but not in a bad way. That's what is so great about Angry Angel in my opinion, it works for intense workouts but it can also just help push you through a workday.

My experience with Angry Angel was great. I would highly recommend both flavors to people who drink energy drinks and those who do not. Angry Angel breaks the stereotypes of energy drinks and helps keep you focused and energized while still being able to sit still if you need to.

We bought these Angry Angels at our local Whole Foods, they are available to be purchased online through Amazon and

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