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REACHur Team Review: CoreLife Eatery Cary

We decided to check out CoreLife Eatery in Cary this week. This place is super healthy and super delicious. It's located right in Crossroads and has a great outdoor patio.

There were so many great options on the menu but we decided to go with the Tofu Power Plates, with broccoli, sweet potatoes and rice. There was no sauce necessary. Everything was cooked perfectly and was delicious. This is the perfect option for a quick healthy lunch or dinner.

The restaurant was very clean and the service was great. It only took about 5 minutes from the time we walked until the time we sat down with our food.

With all the different options on the menu we'll definitely have to come back a check out everything else!

Give CoreLife Eatery Cary a follow @corelifeeaterycary.

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