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REACHur Team Review: Extraordinary Snack Co.

The name speaks for itself. These walnuts and cashews are simply extraordinary.

These are not just any walnuts and cashews though, they are sprouted. According to, these sustainably sourced nuts are soaked. This makes the nuts easier to digest and unlocks tons of vitamins, minerals, proteins and enzymes. The nuts are then dehydrated which helps to preserve the nutrients in the nuts.

You may be thinking with all of this "health" talk that these snacks are some boring health food that will make you feel good but taste bad. WRONG. WRONG. WRONG.

Every flavor our team tried we loved. From "Banana Not Bread" to "Caribbean Cashews" to "DILLiscious Cashews" they were all tasty and so unique compared to other snacks.

We decided to take a pool day for the long weekend and test out our Extraordinary Snacks and find our favorite beer/snack pairing!

My Favorite Pairing

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By far my favorite snack and pairing of the day! The "Banana Not Bread" taste exactly like banana bread. I was shocked when I took the first bite. All of the flavors come together so well and all of the flavors are natural. The texture is really what puts it over the top. There is still a little crunch to the walnut, but it is more crispy than crunchy. It is much easier to eat than a normal walnut. I chose to pair "Banana Not Bread" with a Blue Moon and it was perfect. The flavors really played well off each other and this is a pairing I would highly recommend for any occasion.

The Team's Favorite Pairing

reachur, extraordinary snack co, local influencers, raleigh local influencers, banana not bread, corona

This was our team's favorite in an almost unanimous decision. The "Caribbean Cashews" are unlike anything I have ever tasted before. They are so refreshing. You get a lime taste at first and then by the end there is an almost sweet aftertaste. The "Caribbean Cashews" are such a unique blend of flavors and like I said before, the best way I could describe the taste is refreshing. This is the perfect poolside or beachside snack. The cashews paired perfectly with a Corona Light. They are both very refreshing and have hints of lime and sweetness. This pairing is perfect for any hot day!

We had an absolute blast with our tasting and pairing of Extraordinary Snacks. The flavors were so unique and just so good. Every flavor and snack we tasted was filling and light at the same time. These are one of the rare times you have good tasting food that is also good fuel for your body.

Since the flavors are so unique, I recommend trying a few different options with your first order to figure out your favorite snacks. To learn more about Extraordinary Snack Co. and make your first order visit


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