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REACHur team Review: Living Kitchen Cookie Bites

You've heard it before and you'll hear it again, we love to keep it local and we love to keep it healthy. Living Kitchen Cookie Bites are both local and healthy. Living Kitchen is based right out of Charlotte, NC and we picked up our Cookie Bites at Whole Foods in Cary.

Living Kitchen uses "organic, plant based, nutritionally dense ingredients to ensure great taste along with the energy and nourishment our bodies need." We decided to review Living Kitchen Cookie Bites because they are so unique. I love how simple the packaging is and the design of the package itself. These Cookie Bites also hit the trifecta of Organic, Gluten Free and Vegan.

So you've heard about how healthy Living Kitchen Cookie Bites are now you want to know if you'll actually enjoy them.

Living Kitchen Cookie Bites "Chocolate Chip"

We decided to try out the chocolate chip flavored cookie bites because it seemed like a flavor that everyone could enjoy and was pretty neutral. We were right. The first thing you noticed when you take a bite is the texture, they are the perfect balance between chewy and crunchy. They are so soft but also have a slight crunch.

The sweetness of the Cookie Bites is perfect. You're not bombarded by added sugars and high fructose corn syrup, just simple sweeteners, dates and coconut palm sugar. The best part is the raw cacao nibs provided the extra little kick needed to put these Cookie Bites over the top.

The Cookie Bites were very light and didn't sit on your stomach like most snacks do, but they were filling. 2 of the bites make for a perfect midmorning snack with some coffee. You get the energy you need and you don't feel weighed down.

Living Kitchen Cookie Bites are a rare combination of healthy, tasty and sweet. The Cookie Bites are perfectly put together to create a great texture throughout and making sure the sweetness is evenly balanced.

We can't wait to test out all the different flavors of Cookie Bites and the different tasty treats that Living Kitchen has to offer.

To learn more about Living Kitchen go to or give them a follow @living_kitchen.


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