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REACHur team Review: Lonerider Brewing Co. "Sweet Josie"

We're keeping it local once again with our reviews, we decided to check out Lonerider Brewing Co. "Sweet Josie" Brown Ale. Lonerider Brewing Co. is based out of Raleigh, NC just like us!

Reasons we decided to review Lonerider Brewing Co. "Sweet Josie"

- We love to support local, REACHur is all about the advancement of local businesses/brands

- The design on the can is beautiful. There is so much detail and the colors go together perfectly.

- The logo is perfect. We went into Publix looking to try a local beer and Lonerider jumped out at us. The logo is intriguing but simple.

"Sweet Josie" Brown Ale

I'll start the review by saying everyone loved the beer. It was a hit, we expected that since our research showed that "Sweet Josie" just won silver in the English Brown Ale category at the U.S. Open Beer Championship. Lonerider Brewing Co. has racked up 58 awards in just 10 years!

"Sweet Josie" definitely lived up to the hype. It has a dark copper color and the most noticable aspect is the aroma of chocolatey, coffee kind of bitterness. "Sweet Josie" is easy to drink and not too filling.

"Sweet Josie" was well received by every team member that was part of the review and was a hit. Seems like our next step is to check out the "Saloon Style" Pilsner and "Shotgun Betty" that were also available at Publix, then move onto to the actual brewery in Raleigh!

Lonerider Brewing Co. "Sweet Josie" Brown Ale was a treat! This seems perfect for every occasion, we were transitioning back and forth from the pool to watching The British Open while trying it out.

If you'd like to learn more about Lonerider Brewing Co. go to or follow them on Instagram @loneriderbeer.


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