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REACHur Team Review: Roots Hummus

With our reviews we love to keep it local and we love to keep it healthy. We stuck to our guns this week and decided to check out Roots Hummus out of Asheville, NC.

We decided to taste Roots for 2 main reasons.

1. The packaging is amazing. The contrast of colors, the logo is simple but stands out and the fonts flow very well together.

2. We've been following Roots on social media for a while now and we love what they are doing. Everything is so local and we love their commitment to philanthropy with the Roots Foundation.

With that being said we decided to try "Original" and "Roasted Red Bell Pepper".


The first thing we noticed was we knew what every ingredient on the label was. That's always reassuring when there are no crazy chemicals that you can't pronounce! When we opened the seal, we could tell it was fresh. Give it a quick stir and it's ready to go!

We tried the hummus with cauliflower crackers, pretzel chips and regular wheat crackers. It was delicious. It is a bit different than any other hummus, in a good way. This is what "Original" hummus is supposed to taste like. Simple, but stands out. Just like their logo.

You would think that without all of the added ingredients of the other hummus that this would be a little bland, but that's far from the truth. Roots "Original" Hummus is a healthier, more natural alternative that tastes better and makes you feel better.

It's a little difficult to describe hummus, but just know that this is delicious and I can't wait to try out the pasta sauce recipe Roots posted on their Instagram!

Roasted Red Bell Pepper

I have to be upfront here, this was by far the best hummus I have ever had. This is not an exaggeration nor being a prisoner of the moment, this was the best hummus I have ever had hands down. I could seriously eat this with anything.

The same thing applies with "Roasted Red Bell Pepper" as did with "Original", all of the ingredients are recognizable and natural.

The thing about "Roasted Red Bell Pepper" that we loved the most was the spiciness. It had a little kick but not too much, it was the perfect level of spicy.

The biggest difference between Roots "Roasted Red Bell Pepper" and other brands was that Roots actually tasted like a roasted red bell pepper. Other brands there is a kind of "artificial" taste to their flavoring but not Roots, everything tastes all natural.

This is a rare 10/10 recommend. I don't care if you like hummus or not you'll like Roots Hummus. This is the perfect dip for any chip and the perfect addition to any meal. Obviously I'm going to say try the "Roasted Red Bell Pepper", but I also think the "Original" is a must try. I know the team gave the orders to go out and get the "Spinach" and "Hot Chipotle" flavors next!

If you want to learn more about Roots Hummus and where to find them check out

Shoot us an email with your recommendations for our next #WellnessWednesday review at or DM us on Instagram @REACHur.


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