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REACHur Team Review: Slingshot Coffee Co.

Slingshot Coffee Co. out of Raleigh, NC was founded by a husband-wife team of award winning baristas but just looking at the bottle might make you think they were award winning marketing/branding specialists.

The Slingshot Ready to Drink Cold Brew almost jumps off the shelf at you. The label is just a few colors, off-white, black and orange and has the most unique fonts. Everything on the label looks so clean and simple making it almost impossible to turn down.

The Ready to drink Cold Brew is delicious. Not too strong but just strong enough. It's easy to drink, very refreshing and is definitely something that can make you want to jump out of bed in the morning! It may be a little on the expensive side, but is 100% worth it.

This is the definition of high quality, from the packaging, to the ingredients, to the taste.

To learn more about Slingshot Coffee Co. go to or give them a follow @slingshotcoffee.

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